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A Collection of Visual Work

Bits & pieces put together to present a semblance of a whole.
— Lawrence Weiner

Once, in an informal undergraduate critique, a fellow student told me that I was thinking like a problem solver. They meant it critically, because I was poking at their sculpture and the limitations of its materials by proposing a different context for the work, but I've always taken it as a compliment. As an artist, I've worked primarily with paint, print-making and installation work, but have settled into a visual practice that supports the other creative aspects of my life - some graphic design, photography, and video work, as well as some drawings for my own pleasure. Below are some select portfolios of that work, done for myself and others.

Theater Work

You can have the script ready, the actors rehearsed and the show ready to open, but if there's no poster to get the audience into the house, what difference does it make? When you create theater with scrappy companies like Umbrella Collective (formerly Savage Umbrella) or Lamb Lays with Lion, working within an economy of means, that work often falls to company members.

Show Posters

Dovetailing with working musicians on space and promotional projects comes work in designing images to go along with those projects.  It's always fun to create something compelling for an artist, whether for our own Cake Shop project, the Electric Fetus, or another show.

Video Work

With the internet age, video is entirely ubiquitous. From shooting footage at shows to trailers for performances to video design for projects, video is an undeniable part of working creatively these days.

Making art

Images and objects made for my own pleasure or exhibition, in a variety of media.