Collaborative Consulting & Projects

Action is the foundational key to all success.
— Pablo Picasso

If I've learned 2 things in my 30 years on the planet, it's that if you want something to happen, you have to show up, and those things are almost always better when we do them together. I've developed opportunities to pursue collaborative efforts that range from events to strategy planning to presentation & facilitation. Here are some topics that I'm happy to talk about:

Strategic Thinking

Innovative Organizational Design

What Business Can Learn from Art

Sobriety & the Creative Process

International Soccer

Men's Fashion

Social Media

PR & Communications Strategies for Artists

I also enjoy moderating panels on these topics, and have moderated for Giant Steps, Generation Now Leadership Visit, Springboard for the Arts, Tarnish & Gold and more.  As always, if there is something that you're looking for, I'm game - if I can't do it for you, I hope I know someone who would be able to, so be in touch.

Select Collaborative/Consulting Projects

Creative Exchange

Creative Exchange is a key part of my work at Springboard for the Arts. Launched in March 2014, Creative Exchange is partnership between Springboard, Issue Media Group in Detroit and the Knight Foundation, developed as a national storytelling and resource sharing platform for artists and communities. We highlight the work of artists, their creativity and their projects which bring communities together. We also host toolkits and discussion resources which can be used by artists, community planners, local governments and others to find new ways to connect to artists and spark change. Creative Exchange is motivated by the philosophy that local communities already hold the resources to address their own issues, that artists are vital contributors to their community, and that if we work together and share ideas, we can all do better.

Crown & Sparrow

Crown & Sparrow is a project about artists helping artists, telling great stories and making cool stuff happen. Fort Wilson Riot was Crown & Sparrow's first client in 2010 and since then, Crown & Sparrow has run press campaigns and worked on media strategy with artists like Chastity Brown, The Ericksons, Joey Ryan & the Inks and more. Focusing on working well and working collaboratively, the storytelling and work has led to plenty of local coverage, Daytrotter sessions, NPR features and packed shows, which is exhilarating to see and be a part of.

Meeting Facilitation & Presentation

Theater is a terrific training for creative meeting facilitation. Combining exercises and games to get groups up and moving, thinking visually about representing relationships and issues, and working together to brainstorm solutions is all part of the rehearsal room process. I have facilitated meetings and retreats for Springboard for the Arts and the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network - Twin Cities chapter, as well as presented on Strategic Thinking at the Minnesota Theater Alliance Who's in Charge? Conference in May 2013. I particularly enjoy facilitating and moderating public conversations, and have moderated panels at the Tarnish & Gold Gallery, for the Generation Now Leadership Visits, Charities Review Council, Minnesota Council on Nonprofits,  Springboard for the Arts and at the Giant Steps conference.

The Cake Shop

The Cake Shop is an ongoing house show project, traveling to wherever my wife and I happen to be living. It is designed to be an economic benefit for the artists, and give them an intimate setting to perform material with a supportive audience. For the attendees, it is a unique opportunity to see their favorite performers up close and connect more deeply. You can read more about it on the Local Current Blog. Previous performers include Jeremy Messersmith, Caroline Smith, Communist Daughter, Haley Bonar, Chastity Brown, the Pines and more.

Clapperclaw Festival

Before every block had a party and Rock the Garden really took off, there was the Clapperclaw Festival. Running from 2007-2009, three iterations of this nomadic festival brought a kaleidoscope of arts to partygoers at Bedlam Theatre, the Sound Gallery and Intermedia Arts. Created in collaboration with lead organizer Matt Perkins, musician Domino Davis and theatermaker Jeremey Catterton, I curated the art and fashion elements of the festival, showcasing work from Calpurnia Peach, Jenny Carle, Hilary Falk, Lizardman, Ema Cook, Dillon Bakke, Garrett Perry, Nick Howard and more.